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Whisper in the Heart
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Pet Bereavement Message Board
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Whisper's new brother
Wonder (and Striker too!)
My Family
Oh so long ago!

I created this website as a memorial to my beloved Samoyed, Whisper.
He was the most important soul in my life for nearly 15 years, and when I "lost" him, I was devastated.

Coping with the loss of a beloved pet is one of the most difficult and painful things that we have to endure as loving pet guardians. Through all the tears and grief, comes one thought that can make us smile again - we loved our cherished furbaby dearly, and that love was returned unconditionally - many times over.

With time, the pain in our hearts will be replaced with joyous and loving memories, keeping our beloveds alive in our hearts - forever.
I believe that the pain is so great - because when our beloved's die, they take a little piece of our hearts with them, (to the other side) to keep them company, until we see them again - at the Rainbow Bridge.

My hope, is that you will find comfort in reading Whisper's Story.
Looking back over the past 15 years, I realize that Whisper and I shared a wonderful life. Together, we made a lot of memories,
which are now forever in my heart.

I also created a type of memorial jewelry (tiny bottles and lockets)
the W.I.T.H. Collection (Whisper in the Heart)
to keep a little bit of Whisper with me
- always.

It truly helps to talk about your loss. So, please join us on the iVillage's
Pet Bereavement Message Board.
There are many wonderful, caring people in the world, who know exactly what we are going through. After all, grief shared is grief diminished. When you talk about the pain, and shed the tears, it makes room for healing. Please join us.

Love and memories last forever. May they bring you peace.

With my heart,
Lin (Whisper's Mom)

I am now, the proud Mom of a new Keeshond furbaby, Wonder.
(Passing on the life lessons that Whisper taught me.)
If you'd like to meet him, please click on his name.


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A bridgekiss from ^Whisp^
A photo taken in my backyard 4am October 11, 2004
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