~ ^Wonder^ ~

"Wisdom begins with Wonder"

Hemangiosarcoma took my ^Wonder^,
my little Pupper-do, my Pumpkin Pie on 12/29/08.


~ In happier times ~


Welcome Home!

This is how Striker feels about Wonder! ACK!
Welcome home little brother!

Wonder's Face

Can you see the heart on his face?
(I hope it comes out in the photo.)
There is a big silver heart, right between his eyes, on his forehead!
I think the heart is ^Whisper's^ stamp of approval.
(Whisper in the Heart)
^Whisp^ is letting me know that it's okay to love Wonder.
(something I was having a difficult time with)
My new furbaby, Wonder (at 4 months old) has been kissed by an angel.

Smile Pretty!

Wonder is now 18 months old....... Isn't he a cutie!
He has the typical "Keesie smile"!
We took this shot on Mother's Day, 2001
It may be hard to see in this picture, but mysteriously
a large "W" appeared on his forehead!
Well, at least I like to think it's a "W".....
(It's positioned sideways - so I guess it could be an "M"!)
Either way, I think Whisper sent me a kiss
......for Mother's Day!
(It wasn't there the day before!)

My 3rd Birthday Party!

Yep, Mom is still making me wear that silly bow!
These are all the beautiful gifts my cousin Stoley sent!
{{{Stoley, ^'Mo^, and Carol}}}
I'm happy to say that all my ^bridgefriends^ were at my party.
Can you see that flash of light, through the tree?

Merry Christmas 2003!

How embarrassing!
Come on Mom..... aren't we done with these silly hats yet?

Wonder has a secret admirer!

Thank you Sassy, ^Frecka^, & ^Sinbad^
(^Whisper's^ 5th Wingday - 6/12/2003)

It must be love

Wonder and Mom
(November 2004)

^Whisper's^ 10th WingDay

June 12th, 2008
For my Whisp's 10th anniversary at the Bridge
Wonder and I went out to the Pacific Ocean to toss my angel his daisies.
Before ^Whisper^ could catch them, Wonder watched and waited....

The 2nd half of my heart

^Wonder^, aka: Designer's Surfin' the Net
October 2, 1999 - December 29, 2008

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