^Whisper's^ 1st WingDay

Author: ^Snopaw's Whisper of Airebis^
June 16, 1984 - June 12, 1998

Normally, a day at the Rainbow Bridge is filled with lots of joy and laughter. All the Bridgekids gather together and share stories of their wonderful lives on earth, and memories of the loved ones they had to leave behind. For the novice angels, (those in residence for less than a year) there is one day unlike any other - The First WingDay - the anniversary of the day they earned their wings.

You see, our angels know how difficult this day will be for the loving parent's they had to leave behind. On this particular day - June 12, 1999 - Whisper experienced his very first WingDay. Ohhhh, he was so sad. He knew how much his Mom was hurting without him beside her. He didn't know what to do, or how he could help. He went over to speak with Dino, a beautiful black and white kitty, who was one of the senior furangels in residence. Whisp said: "Dino, look at Mom. She is so sad. Look at her crying. What can I do?" Dino, with an understanding smile and a twinkle in his eye said: "It's okay Whisp, Mom will be all right."
Whisper was inconsolable. Today was his first WingDay. He had always heard how special it was supposed to be. Heartbroken, he wandered off to be alone.

Dino turned to the others (Whisper's fursiblings) and winked. Valentine, Nonie, Poosinka, Powder Puff, Missy, and Bloucher all smiled, as they watched Dino follow Whisper. They knew what was about to happen.
"Hey Whisp, wait up!" Dino yelled. "Oh, hi Dino." Whisper replied, "I just felt like being alone today."
"But, don't you know what day it is?"
Dino asked. "Ya, that's why I'm so sad. I want to be with Mom." Putting his paw on Whisper's shoulder, Dino said: "It's okay. Mom will be all right. Come with me, I want to show you something."

Together, Dino and Whisper walked down a long and winding path. It was absolutely glorious, but so far away from all the other angels. Whisper didn't know what Dino was up to, but he curiously followed anyway. Around the final bend, the magnificent edge of the Rainbow Bridge appeared. Whisper's eyes and tail perked up - for the first time that day! Together, they climbed high up the colorful arch of the Rainbow Bridge. At the very top, Dino stopped, pointing his paw toward a cloud down below, and said: "Do you see that big silver cloud over there? Watch closely kid, and fill your heart with love."

As Whisper gazed into the silver cloud, thinking of the love he has for his Mom, it began to swirl – round and round it went. Gradually, it began to come into clear focus. "Hey Dino, look at that - it's home!! It's our house!! Look - there's Striker running around our yard! Wow.... he can see us.... he's barking... he's calling Mom! There's Mom! Oh my gosh, it's Mom!! Come on Dino, hurry up! She sees me! Hurry! Let's go get Mom! Look how happy she is! Come on!

"Not just yet, Whisper," Dino said, "It's not her time. Mom is not ready to join us yet. She has a lot more things to do before she can come. It'll happen, in time. This Silver BridgeCloud was your first WingDay gift. It's your glimpse into tomorrow. The reunion will come, it's a promise. Happy 1st WingDay Whisper. Come on kid, let's go. It's time to join the others."

Whisper did not want to leave this magical place. He could see how happy Mom was when their eyes met. He said: "Wait Dino, wait!" as he turned and ran back to the top of the arch. Whisper yelled: "I love you Mom! I'll be waiting. I will look forward to tomorrow, for that will be Our Heaven." Just then, the silver cloud began to blur. Whisper smiled from ear to ear, as he turned and looked toward Dino. This was a smile that would last an entire year – until his next WingDay Anniversary.

Whisper reluctantly followed Dino down the arch, checking over his shoulder for one last glimpse of Mom, and the beautiful vision of their future together. At the base of the Rainbow, they found the others waiting for their return. (You could hear all the angels giggling, because they knew what just occurred!) Dino asked: "It is time?" Bloucher nodded, "Yes, a new angel is coming."

Just then, as Whisper turned to see what all the excitement was about, a new little angel (clumsily flapping his new wings) appeared. His name s Dolce. He was very sad and confused, because he didn't want to leave his Mom behind on earth.

Whisper and 'Mo happily bounced over to the newest angel and said, "Hey Dolce, Welcome! You're gonna love it up here. And boy, do I have something really awesome to show you in a year!"

Snopaw's Whisper of Airebis
June 16, 1984 - June 12, 1998

Whisper told this story to his Mom on June 12, 2002 - his 4th WingDay at the Bridge.

copyright date 6/12/2005

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