The Little Ones

As usual, it was a glorious day at the Rainbow Bridge. All the senior angels had gathered together to discuss ways of guiding the inexperienced novice angels. (Those who had been at the Bridge less than a year.) Off in the distance, the new angels were playing, testing out their beautiful new wings.

Whisper, 'Mo, Frosty, and Murph were asking everyone for new ideas to send bridgekisses to all the new recruit's Moms. Mullie and Tuck suggested asking our geese friends to swoop by again, or perhaps another shooting star. Frecka giggled, saying we could always leave some more nose prints on their car windows, as reminders of all the great road trips. Then, Beau was getting everyone laughing, reminding them about how Puff (the magic dragonfly) had to work over time, because Whisp's Mom took so long to get our kiss! :)

Suddenly, a hush came over the Bridge. Dino says: come on everyone, the novice angels don't know about this yet......

At the Bridge entrance, a new angel arrived. She was scared, dirty, and quivering with fear. She didn't know that all the angels had rushed over, to happily welcome her Home. The only time anyone had ever rushed toward her, was for something bad. This new angel had no idea she was finally Home.

Whisp asked all the new recruits to step aside, so he could talk to the new angel. With a smile, Whisp said: "Welcome Home! Please don't be scared, we are all here to help you." The poor little thing just looked at Whisp, not sure of what was going on. Whisper asked: "Where is your family? Where are the people who love you?" With a very sad and confused look on her face, she asked: "Huh? What is love?"

It had now become very clear to the senior angels, this new angel never had a loving family, while on earth. Gibby was over talking with the novice angels, gently explaining that this new angel was probably a stray, or an unloved soul left alone by herself outside, or even kept a prisoner in a lab, mill, or shelter. In a compassionate voice, Gibby tried to calm the angels down, explaining that this new angel never had a Mom or a Dad, like we do, to teach her about love.

With a tear in his eye, Whisper looked back to the other senior angels. Together, they all knowingly nodded. They knew this new soul had to go back to earth, to learn about love. Whisper wrapped his wings around her saying: "It's okay Little One, we will see you soon." As quickly as she arrived at the Bridge - poof - she was gone.

Back down on earth, the Little One opened her eyes. "Wow!" she thought to herself, "What am I doing here?" She was scared, but something felt very different. There was a very nice lady there, with two little people, and even a puppy! This is a wonderful place! This nice lady, who everyone was calling Mom, came over and picked me up. She was softly stroking my head, and kissing my nose! Oh my, this must be what those angels were talking about. This must be love."

The Little One was very happy. Her new life, with Mom and her family, was wonderful. In a very short amount of time, she was able to learn all about this mysterious lesson..... unconditional love. She wished she could stay in her Mom's arms forever.

Just then, the Little One heard Whisper's voice. "Are you ready to come Home now?" The Little One said: "Yes, I have learned all about love. But, what about my Mom? I don't want her to be hurt... she loves me." Whisper said: "I know Little One. We will help her. Please try not to worry. There is a special place in Heaven for your Mom. All the love she has given to you, and others, will be intensified to Heavenly proportions.

Knowing what they needed to do, the senior angels gathered. It was time to bring the Little One home. This time, our Little One chose to return Home through a medical problem. (Others may chose to arrange their journey Home though a supposed "accident" with a car, animal, or even a planned mishap with something in their house.) Even though her life on earth, with her loving Mom was very short, our Little One knew her mission wasn't over yet, it was just beginning. With a final breath, she closed her eyes, and her spirit soared into her Mom's heart. She knew she needed to borrow a little piece of her heart, so she would always be connected to the Mom she deeply loves.

As the gates to the Bridge gently swung open, our Little One came bouncing in. All the angels gathered around, to welcome their newest recruit back to the Rainbow Bridge. With a wink, Whisper asked: "Well Little One, what did you learn?" The Little One smiled, and proudly said: "I learned all about love. My beautiful Mom filled my heart with this wonderful power, so I could become her angel. I know I was only able to stay with her for a short time, and she didn't want me to go, but she will be okay, with our help. She just has to. Our love can work miracles."

Whisper said: "Yes Little One, you are very wise. In time, your dear Mom will also learn why you were with her for such a short time. It's because you had only one final important lesson to learn, before you could earn your wings, and become her angel." Then, the Little One looked over the edge of the Bridge and shouted to his tearful Mom: "I love you too Mom. Thank you for teaching me about love. It's because of your love, that I've forgotten about my first horrible life on earth. It's because of you, that I was able to earn my wings. It's because of you, and all our bridgemoms, that this glorious place is filled with eternal love. I love you Mom, thank you for giving me a piece of your heart. Thank you for helping me become your angel."

Then the Little One looked over to all the senior angels and asked: "Can I keep the pretty name my Mom gave me?" They answered: "Of course you can Ellie. That is how your Mom will be calling for you, when we are able to welcome her Home."


Whisper told this story to his Mom on November 5, 2004
The day ^Ellie^ earned her wings.

copyright date 11/05/2004

Author: ^Snopaw's Whisper of Airebis^
June 16, 1984 - June 12, 1998

Whisper in the Heart