Your hosts for the Pet Bereavement board are:

cl-whispersmom,   Lin   and her angels   ^Whisper^ & ^Wonder^
(Hosting since October 20, 1999)

  Carol   and her angels   ^'Mo^ & ^Stoley^
(Hosting since March 7, 2001)


Although we're sorry for the reason you are here,
we're pleased that your fur-angels have guided you to the most loving place on the web.
Here, you are free to openly express your grief, guilt, anger, or any other emotion you are feeling.
Each of us here are in various stages of the healing process,
and totally understand your heartache.

The love of our precious fur, feathered, finned, scaled, or quilled ^angels^ has brought us all together.
Please know that your beloved is safe, happy, healthy - and in wonderful company
at the "Rainbow Bridge". ^'Mo^, ^Stoley^, ^Whisper^, and ^Wonder^
are there to guide them, as they learn to use their beautiful newly earned ^wings^.

Please be sure to visit The Rainbow Bridge.
You will also be able to meet all of our angels, who are patiently waiting
for the earthbound parents they had to (temporarily) leave behind.

We suggest that you visit the Memory Meadow
Here, you are encouraged to create a memorial site for
your beloved angel, as well as read submitted stories from our very own members.

The iVillage has collected some very Helpful Articles
to help you explain the loss of a beloved furbaby to your children.

Please be sure to visit our Member Tributes
(Our very own cl-mosmomcarol is a major contributor!)
Please be sure to let us know, if you have a poem to add to our collection.

Please be sure to visit our beautiful
Rainbow Bridge Star
which has been lovingly dedicated to all our angels.
Thank you ^Mullie^ and ^Tuck^

Please be sure to read the lovely story, "Dragonflies"
which helps to explain just how close our angels are,
and why we won't be seeing them again ......... for a little while.

We invite you to attend Whisper & 'Mo's class
BridgeKiss 101
to learn how our angels continue to send their love
from the Rainbow Bridge.

Each Sunday at 3pm eastern time (12pm pacific) we hold a live, one hour chat.
Please go to: Pet Loss Chat
(It's always nice to talk with someone who understands.)
BridgeKisses (messages to our angels) are always sent straight to the
Rainbow Bridge, at the 1/2 hour point of our chat.

Please know that you have found the safest, warmest, and most loving place on the internet.
Please tell us about your angel.
We hope we can help, as you learn to go on without your beloved (physically) by your side.
We're so glad you've found us - Welcome.

cl-whispersmom & cl-mosmomcarol

Please join us on the iVillage's
Pet Bereavement Message Board.
There are many wonderful, loving BridgeParents in the world, who know exactly what you are going through. When you talk about your angel, and shed the tears, it makes room for healing. (Grief shared is grief diminished.) Please join us. We love to learn more about the angels that are keeping our beloveds company,
at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love and memories last forever. May they bring you peace.

Whisper in the Heart

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~ "What A Wonderful World" ~