BridgeKiss 101

Your instructors,
^Whisper^ & ^'Mo^

Attention everyone! Gather 'round over here by the rainbow, since class is about to begin. I am Whisper and this is 'Mo. We will be your instructors today in learning the fine art of BridgeKissing.

'Mo & Whisper giggle, watching all the new recruits clumsily crash into each other as they try to settle down. 'Mo says: We know angels, it's going to be a little while before you're comfortable with your beautiful new wings!
Come on Delilah, Murph, Vincent, Tucker, Dusty, Prissy, and all you BridgeKids, it's time for class to begin.

Whisper begins, Do you know why we need to learn how to send our folks bridgekisses? The class looks a little confused, so Whisp says: Okay Kids, look over the edge of the rainbow. Do you see your Mom or Dad?
A gasp came over the class. Murph asks, Why is my Mom crying? Well Murph, your Mom doesn't understand that we are up here. Her heart is broken, because she thinks you are gone.... really gone from this world. That's why we need to learn how to send our earthbound parents bridgekisses.
A little embarrassed, Jazzy asks, Ummmm, excuse me, but what is a bridgekiss? That's a wonderful question Jazzy. A bridgekiss is a loving message or sign, sent to our Moms down on earth. We need to learn how to send our love and kisses to them, so they know we are still here, at the Rainbow Bridge.

Now class, before we begin, we need to ask you to be patient with your Moms. Their hearts are still shattered, so they probably won't understand what we're doing. Do you remember how it took some angels a little longer to heal to be ready enough for this class? Well, our Mom's hearts all heal differently too.
'Mo starts laughing and jokingly says, Gosh Whisp, it took your Mom about 8 months before she finally understood your kisses! Ahhhh, come on 'Mo, Whisper says with a giggle, my Mom didn't even know about the Bridge back then, let alone bridgekisses. And, it's probably my fault too. I shouldn't have borrowed such a huge piece of her heart,to keep me company up here.

Just then, Mullie jumps up, waving his new wings saying, Excuse me Whisper, but how did you do it? My Mom really needs to know I'm here. Well Mulligan Man, you need to think of something that has special meaning between you and your Mom. Like when you two would play with tennis balls, or even watch the geese fly by.) My first successful bridgekiss was sending my Mom wispies. (You know, those little white puffy weeds that float around in the air!) One day while Mom was out walking, (she did that a lot so she could cry alone) I bonked her right in the face with a wispie. Nothing. She didn't get it! So I tried again, bonk - nothing! So this time, I really let her have it! Bonk, Bonk, Bonk - right between the eyes with my wispies. Gosh, I think I got her with about 6 or 7 in a row! Finally, Mom actually said out loud: Whisper, is that you?
The class started giggling and cheering!

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Just then, Beau says, 'Mo, could you please tell us about your first bridgekiss. 'Mo laughed, saying Well, my Mom would always smile when she'd pick the rice (from my dinner) out of my beard. (Hey, I loved my dinners!) So.... even though my Mom vaccumed and cleaned the house several times, I'd sprinkle grains of rice all over the house so she'd find them.
With wings flapping, the whole class let out a big Awwwwww! begging to hear more.

'Mo says, Hey Whisp, tell them about the candle.
Whisp says, That's a good one! Well, my Mom was still having a very difficult time. (even after eight months) Every night since I'd earned my wings, she'd light a big white candle for me, (as you know, we angels can't see artificial light) so I could find my way home. There was one night when she sat there all alone, crying and talking to my candle. I know I had to do something really special, since some Moms (like mine!) may think our kisses are just a coincidence. (there are no coincidences!) So, as she was talking to my candle, I waited for just the right moment. With tears in her eyes she says, "Whisper, please let me know you're there, and that you're not mad at me for releasing you." Then BAM, I made the flame of that candle shoot up and dance like it was the 4th of July! HeeHee you should have seen the look on my Mom's face! I "talked" with her several times over the next few months, until I knew she understood it was really me. It was then I knew my Mom would be okay, in time, able to begin her journey towards healing.

Wow, Frosty said, That's exactly what we need to do for our Moms. Can you please tell us more?
Mo explains, You know that deep, pure feeling you get, from the depths of your soul, when you love someone with all your heart? That feeling, or energy never ends. True love is eternal. It's the bond of love (or Bridge)that holds your, and your Mom's hearts together, forever. Use your love, feel it, think it, send it, and ta-da, your bridgekiss is on the way!

Whisper adds, To give you a few more ideas, here are some other fun things we angels are capable of doing:

Send your Mom a rainbow, so she knows you safely crossed over to the Bridge.
Visiting in dreams are another great way to get through, since your Mom won't be trying to hard. Gosh, just when our Moms really need to hear from us the most, we can't get through because their hearts are in too much pain. We can also send little messengers to deliver our bridgekisses. For example, geese, hawks, hummingbirds, butterflies, and my personal favorite, dragonflies.
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Some other things you'll be able to do are: Sending pennies from Heaven, shooting stars, even have a special song play on the radio, (my Mom likes "Time in a Bottle") have chimes ring, or clocks stop. You'll even be able to send your scent to her so she can smell you again. Oh, one of our more popular kisses is "talking" through our earthbound fursiblings. (After all, our fur and feathered family members are the closest thing to angels on earth!) If you have an earthbound fursibling near Mom, talk to them, asking to give your Mom that special look, or do something in particular that only you used to do. Your Mom will have a smile, and probably a tear or two, but she'll soon understand it was you.

Just then, the entire class became very excited! With a whooooosh, all the bridgekids began flapping their newly earned wings, and soaring through the clouds yelling, We can finally help our Moms! Yeah BridgeKisses!

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As 'Mo and Whisper were laughing, enjoying all the antics and jubilation, they called everyone back to class. Come on Kanga, Frecka, Mookie, Ginger, Peanut - everyone, get back into your places, we have one more thing to cover.
As everyone is settling down, Whisper says, Remember angels, 'Mo and I, and all the senior angels will always be here to help you. Learning how to send bridgekisses is one of the most important lessons in your angel training. Because once our Moms understand that we are here, they will have to get better, for us. They will know that we're able to see how much pain they are still in. Gosh, once my Mom understood I was still with her, she knew she had to get better, for me. She figured out that it wouldn't be Heaven for me, if I was worried about her.

Okay angels, it's time to get creative. Get ready to send those bridgekisses and touch your Mom's hearts. Once they know we are here, they'll understand that true love never ends, it just takes on a different form.......

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Class dismissed!

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A bridgekiss from ^Whisp^
A photo taken in my backyard 4am October 11, 2004
My Dragonfly kiss

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